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William Macy (b. 1950)
Aaron in "Disappearing Inque"; Karros in "Big Time"
Actor, best known as the feckless Jerry Lundegaard in Fargo and Dr. David Morgenstern in TV's E.R.
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Joseph Maher (1933-1998)
Dr. Emile Dorian in "Tyger Tyger "
Silver-maned character actor of impeccable manners and grooming. Often played butlers or bankers.

Eli Marienthal (b. 1986)
Dak in "Where's Terry?"; Robin in Mystery of the Batwoman
American teen-actor. Played Hogarth in The Iron Giant.

Kenneth Mars (b. 1936)
M2 in "The Lion and the Unicorn" and Richard in "Sideshow"
American character comedian, usually as a zany. His most famous performances were for Mel Brooks, as the Nazi playwright Franz Liebkind in The Producers and the one-eyed, wooden-armed Inspector Kemp in Young Frankenstein. Has recently concentrated on voice acting.
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Andrea Martin (b. 1947)
Rolling Pin in "Make 'Em Laugh"
Character comedienne. Best known for her Streisand imitation and leopard-suited alter ego Edith Prickley on SCTV.
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Tim Matheson (b. 1947)
Gil Mason in "Shadow of the Bat"; Michael Vreeland in "Chemistry"
American character actor: Otter in Animal House, the Vice-President on TV's The West Wing.
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Kevin McCarthy (b. 1914)
Dr. Long in "Nothing to Fear"
Gruff American actor from the fifties onward, most at home in westerns. Played the lead in the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
IMDb    WhatACharacter

Chris McDonald (b. 1955)
Superman in "The Call""
American actor. Also provided the voice of Jor-El in "Last Son of Krypton" and Kent Mansley in The Iron Giant.
IMDb   WhatACharacter
Malcolm McDowell (b. 1943)
Arkady Duvall in "Showdown"
Enfant terrible actor who shot to fame as Alex in A Clockwork Orange; later as the title role in the infamous Caligula. More recently has appeared as the villainous Soran in Star Trek: Generations, and has also provided the voice for John Corbin (Metallo) on Superman: The Animated Series and Mad Mod on Teen Titans.

Sam McMurray (b. ?)
Pierce in "Birds of a Feather"; Ernie in "Joker's Millions"; Chelsea's Dad and Harry Tully ("Rebirth") in Batman Beyond
American character and actor and comedian; a regular on The Tracey Ullman Show; also familiar as H.I.'s boss in Raising Arizona.

Tress MacNeille (b. ?)
Dr. Margaret Madsen in "Cold Comfort"; Little Boy in "Holiday Knights"; Miss Winston in "Ascension"
Annie-award winning voice actress. Probably best-known as Dot Warner on Animaniacs.
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Dick Miller (b. 1928)
Boxy Bennet in "Harlequinade" and "Harley's Holiday"
American character actor who graduated from the Roger Corman stable. Probably best remembered as snowplow operator Mr. Futterman in Gremlins and Gremlins 2.
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Elizabeth Montgomery (1933-1995)
Barmaid in "Showdown"
American actress, best known as Samantha on Bewitched.

Bill Mumy (b. 1954)
The Fox in "The Terrible Trio"
Former child-actor. Played Will Robinson on Lost in Space; more recently was Lennier in Babylon 5. Also wrote the novelty song "Fish Heads."

Pat Musick (b. ?)
Stella Bates in "Mudslide"; Lab Technician in "On Leather Wings"; Flight Attendant in "Terror in the Sky"
American voice actress.
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Nichelle Nichols (b. 1933)
Thoth Khepera in "Avatar"
American actress, beloved as Lt. Uhuru of Star Trek.
IMDb    WhatACharacter

Daniel O'Herlihy (b. 1919)
Grant Walker in "Deep Freeze"
Supporting actor, going back to the 50s.

Peter Onorati (b.1954 )
Warhawk in "The Call"; Ozzie in "Ace in the Hole"
American actor.

Gary Owens (b. 1936)
50s Batman in "Legends of the Dark Knight"
Golden-voiced character actor: The announcer on Laugh-In and the original Space Ghost are probably his best-known (and most typical) roles.
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Robert Pastorelli (1954-2004)
Manny in "Riddler's Reform"
Character actor, best known as the house painter on the sitcom Murphy Brown.

Rob Paulsen (b. 1956)
Jay in "I've Got Batman in My Basement"
Much employed voice actor (probably most familiar as Yakko and Pinky on Animaniacs) but with many more roles to his credit.
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David Paymer (b.1954 )
Frank in "Torch Song"
American character actor, probably best known as Ira from City Slickers.
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Robert Picardo (b. 1953)
Eddie in "The Man Who Killed Batman"
Character actor of long experience, but best known recently as the holographic doctor on Star Trek: Voyager.

Joe Piscopo (b. 1951)
Manager in "Read My Lips"
Comedian, best known from Saturday Night Live in the early 80s.

Jon Polito (b. 1950)
The Major in "Betrayal"
Short, explosive American character actor, a regular in the Coen brothers' acting stable: Johnny Caspar in Miller's Crossing, Da Fino in The Big Lebowski.
Clive Revill (b. 1930)
Alfred in "Christmas with the Joker," "Fear of Victory," "On Leather Wings" and "Nothing to Fear"
Cultivated character actor; provided the voice of Emperor Palpatine in The Empire Strikes Back.
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John Rhys-Davies (b. 1944)
Jozek in "The Cape & Cowl Conspiracy
Round, bearded character actor, best known as Sallah in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Professor Arturo in Sliders, and Gimli in The Lord of the Rings. Recent Justice League appearance as Lord Hades in "Paradise Lost."
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Kevin Richardson (b. ?)
Mutant leader in "Legends of the Dark Knight"; Duquesne in Mystery of the Batwoman
Hard-working voice actor. Lately has taken on the role of the Joker in The Batman.
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Kelly Ripa (b. 1970)
Rocky Ballantine in Mystery of the Batwoman
American actress and talk-show co-host.

Eugene Roche (b. 1928)
Stromwell in "It's Never Too Late" and "Robin's Reckoning"
American character actor.

Neil Ross (b. ?)
Numerous voices: Henshaw in "Old Wounds," Chandler in "Disappearing Inque," etc.
Voice actor of vast range and experience.
IMDb     VoiceChasers

William Sanderson (b. 1948)
Carl Rossum in "Heart of Steel" and "His Silicon Soul "
Sad-eyed character actor, probably best known as Newhart's Larry (of Larry, Darryl and Darryl) and the whimsical replicant designer Sebastian in Bladerunner.
IMDb        WhatACharacter

Vincent Schiavelli (b. 1948)
Zatara the Great in "Zatanna"
Eccentric-looking character actor of long experience. Batman fans will recognize him as the Penguin's murderous organ grinder in Batman Returns.
IMDb        WhatACharacter     

Peter Scolari (b. 1954)
The Shark in "The Terrible Trio"
Character comedian, best known from TV: opposite Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies; in Newhart; and in Rick Moranis' old role in the TV series of Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

Kyra Sedgwick (b. 1965)
Voice of The Batwoman in Mystery of the Batwoman
American actress.

Azura Skye (b. 1980)
Deanna Clay in "Inqueling"
Young actress, Jane of TV's Duncan, Zoe, Jack and Jane.

Grant Shaud (b. 1961)
Pack Rat in "Make 'Em Laugh"
Nebbishy character actor, best remembered as the excitable network producer Miles Silverberg on Murphy Brown.

Helen Slater (b. 1963)
Talia in BTAS
American actress. Played the title role in 1984's Supergirl: The Movie.

Jean Smart (b. 1959)
Helen Ventris in "See No Evil"
Character comedienne, a veteran of Saturday Night Live.

Joe Spano (b. 1946)
Bennett in "Plague"; Boss in "Eyewitness"; Sniper in "Meltdown"
American character actor, often in cop or military roles.
IMDb     WhatACharacter

Parker Stevenson (b. 1952)
Paxton Powers "King's Ransom "
Heart-throb actor of the late 70s, the elder Hardy boy in TV's The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, and latterly of Melrose Place and Baywatch.

Peter Strauss (b. 1947)
Stephen Carlyle in "House and Garden"
American actor. Viewers of a certain age will remember him from the 1983 3-D sci-fi turkey Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone.

Rider Strong (b. 1979)
Bobby Ryder in "Lost Soul "
American teen-actor, most familiar as Shawn Hunter on TV's Boy Meets World.

George Takei (b. 1940)
Mr. Fixx in "Rebirth"
American character actor, beloved as Mr. Sulu of Star Trek.
IMDb     WhatACharacter

Jeffrey Tambor (b. 1944)
Crocker in "Appointment in Crime Alley"
Bald American character actor. Outstanding recent work was as sidekick Hank Kingsley in HBO's The Larry Sanders Show.
IMDb    WhatACharacter
Jay Thomas (b. 1948)
Guard #1 in "The Forgotten"
Cynical, smart-mouthed character actor.

Malachi Throne (b. 1928)
The Judge in "Judgement Day" and Fingers in "Speak No Evil"
The animated series was not Throne's first experience with a Batman character; in the 1960s television show he appeared (uncredited) as "Falseface." He has appeared in numerous science fiction series: Fans of Star Trek will recognize him as Commodore Mendez from "The Menagerie"; he has also appeared in Babylon 5, The Six Million Dollar Man and the original The Outer Limits.
IMDb    WhatACharacter

Scott Valentine (b. 1958)
Bell in "Feat of Clay"; "Chemist" in "Batgirl Returns"; Cue in "Joyride"
Character actor in the comic-Stallone mold, best remembered as the monosyllabic boyfriend Nick in Family Ties. Played Metallo on TV's Lois & Clark.

Abe Vigoda (b. 1921)
Sal Valestra in Mask of the Phantasm
Character comedian and actor, best remembered as Fish on TV's Barney Miller.

Marcia Wallace (b. 1942)
Fiance in "Mudslide"
Character comedienne, familiar from TV's The Bob Newhart Show and as Mrs. Krabappel in The Simpsons.
IMDb          WhatACharacter

Steven Weber (b. 1961)
Councilman Corcoran in "Judgement Day"
Actor and comedian, best known as Brian Hackett from the sitcom Wings.

Frank Welker (b. )
Voice actor of long experience. Best known in the industry for his ability to mimic animals; as a human, probably most familiar as Freddie in Scooby Doo and both Ray and Slimer in The Real Ghostbusters.
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Adam West (b. 1928)
Simon Trent in "Beware the Gray Ghost"
Who do you think it is? Batman in the cult classic 60s TV show.

Billy West (b. ?)
Lar, Cur and Mo in "Beware the Creeper"
Prominent voice actor: Currently as Fry (and others) on Futurama; Stimpy on Ren & Stimpy.
IMDb     VoiceChasers

Maggie Wheeler (b. ?)
Fake Harley in "Joker's Millions"
American actress with much TV and voice-over experience: e.g., Janice in Friends, Steelheart/Melodia on Silverhawks.

Jobeth Williams (b. 1948)
May and June in "Sideshow"
American actress, best known as the mother in Poltergeist and Poltergeist II.

Tom Wilson (b. 1959)
Tony Zucco in BTAS; Howlin' Jake in "Torch Song"
American actor; Biff Tannen (and relations) in the Back to the Future films.

William Windom (b. 1923)
Ethan in "Prophecy of Doom"
Character actor of vast television experience (e.g., as Commodore Decker in Star Trek's "The Doomsday Machine").
IMDb     WhatACharacter

Paul Winfield (1941-2004)
Earl Cooper in "The Mechanic" and District Attorney Sam Young in Batman Beyond
Highly respected African-American actor, nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar in 1973 for Sounder. He has also appeared as Capt. Terrell in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Gen. Casey in Mars Attacks! and was the voice of boxing kingpin Lucius Sweet on The Simpsons.
IMDb    WhatACharacter

Michael York (b. 1942)
Vertigo in "Off Balance" and Montague Kane in "Zatanna"
Matinee idol from the 1970s. Starred in Logan's Run and as D'Artagnan in the The Three Musketeers and The Four Musketeers. More recently as intelligence chief Basil Exposition in the Austin Powers comedies.

Billy Zane (b. 1966)
Jason Blood (The Demon) in "The Demon Within"
Matinee actor, best known from Titanic and The Phantom (title role).

Stephanie Zimbalist (b. 1956)
D.A. Janet van Doren in "Trial"
Television actress from the late seventies and eighties, best known as private investigator Laura Holt (opposite Pierce Brosnan) in Remington Steele. And yes, she is Efrem ("Alfred Pennyworth") Zimbalist Jr.'s daughter.

Daphne Zuniga (b. 1962)
April in "April Moon"; Lula in "Once Burned"
Statuesque American actress. Played Princess Vespa in Mel Brooks' Spaceballs.