An increasingly ill Powers brings in his son to run the company.
  Original Airdate: May 22, 1999
  Episode # 13
  Rating: * * *

Credits Cast

Written by Robert Goodman
Directed by Yukio Suzuki
Music by Lolita Ritmanis
Animation by Koko/Dong Yang

Will Friedle as Terry McGinnis
Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne
Sherman Howard as Derek Powers
Carey Elwes as Paxton Powers

Victor Gardell as Guard
Tress MacNeille as Miss Winston
John Rubinow as Virtual News Anchor
Miguel Sandoval as Mendez

Powers' public face begins to crumble, so he calls in his son, only to discover that junior has learned a few tricks from the old man. Machiavellian twist is piled on Machiavellian twist, and Terry comes face to face with the terrible dilemma of justice vs. vengeance.

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What Others Are Saying ...
"... a landmark episode."Tim Leighton for World's Finest

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