Final Cut

  An associate of Curare blackmails Batman into protecting him from her.
  Original Airdate: February 5, 2000
  Episode # 30
  Rating: * *

Credits Cast

Story by Hilary J. Bader & Alan Burnett
Teleplay by Hilary J. Bader
Directed by Butch Lukic
Music by Kristopher Carter
Animation by Koko/Dong Yang

Will Frielde as Terry McGinnis
Cree Summer as Max Gibson
Melissa Disney as Curare
Tim Curry as Mutro Butha

George del Hoyo as Capt. Zane
Jeff Harlan as Bellboy
Victor Rivers as Assassin Leader

The last time Curare appeared we learned some eye-opening facts about Barbara Gordon and her relationship with Bruce Wayne. In "Final Cut" we learn that Max has an unmatched ability to be standing exactly where large pieces of metal are about to fall.

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What Others Are Saying ...
"... plenty of action and a pretty good storyline, too."Zanna for World's Finest

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