Spellbinder uses illusion and hypnosis to commit robberies.
  Original Airdate: May 1, 1999
  Episode # 9
  Rating: * * * *

Credits Cast

Written by Robert Goodman
Directed by Butch Lukic
Music by Michael McCuistion
Animation by Koko/Dong Yang

Will Friedle as Terry McGinnis
Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne
Stockard Channing as Commissioner Gordon
Jon Cypher as Spellbinder
Andrew Bowen as Rick

Omar Gooding as Jared
Yvette Lowenthal as Chelsea
Sam McMurray as Chelsea's Dad
Richard Sanders as Mr. Deakins
Vernee Watson-Johnson as Lorraine Tate

Spooky fun. Dreams and reality mix fluidly and convincingly; and hats off to whoever designed Spellbinder's costume.

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What Others Are Saying ...
"... a cool episode."Tim Leighton for World's Finest

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