See No Evil

  An ex-con steals an invisibility suit and tries to kidnap his daughter.
  Original Airdate: February 24, 1993
  Episode # 15
  Rating: * * *

Credits Cast

Written by Martin Pasko
Directed by Dan Riba
Music by Shirley Walker
Animation by Dong Yang

Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne
Brock Peters as Lucius Fox
Dick Erdman as Elliott
Danny Goldman as Sam Giddell
Michael Gross as Ventris

Ken Howard as Hartness
Elizabeth Moss as Kimmy
Chuck Olson as Security Guard
Jean Smart as Helen

An episode that flirts with the dangers associated with the "child in jeopardy" genre without succumbing to them. Much credit for this must go to Michael Gross, who balances the brutality and tenderness of Ventris in a way that never reconciles him either to our sympathy or to our hostility. There is no trickery, such as finding in the convict a basically "decent" man or making his love for his daughter the diseased expression of other, baser desires. This mixture in a hoodlum of seemingly irreconcilable attributes makes for excellent suspense: from moment to moment we are never sure if he is going to break Kimmy or if she is going to break him.

Terrific use is made of the invisibility ploy.

Production Notes
Bruce Timm: "We were never allowed to put the little girl in any jeopardy. Originally, the climax was supposed to be at a lighthouse, and the suit, instead of being just poisonous, was going to explode from repeated use. Ventris was going to be hiding in this lighthouse with his daughter. Batman would have had to race against time to get them. But we were not allowed to do that. That's why she escapes immediately."

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What Others Are Saying ...
"Not a bad "Batman" story but nothing really special either."Jason Warren,

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