The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy

  "The Interrogator" tries to strip Batman of his cape and cowl.
  Original Airdate: October 14, 1992
  Episode # 31
  Rating: * *

Credits Cast

Written by Elliot S. Maggin
Directed by Frank Paur
Animation by Dong Yang
Music by Beth Ertz & Mark Koval

Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne
Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon
Bud Cort as Wormwood

Gaille Heidemann as Matron
John Rhys-Davies as Jozek
Mark Taylor as M.C. Whirter

Mild romp, with shades of The Sting. Bud Cort gives Wormwood a nicely sadistic edge.

Production Notes
Frank Paur: "I tried to kill this show, but they didn't let me. We had a lot of storyboard artists who wanted to rebel on this one. The best metaphor is kicking a dead horse. It arrived dead and no matter how hard you kick it, it ain't going to give you a ride."

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What Others Are Saying ...
"Good entertaining episode with a nice surprise twist at the end. Wormwood is however a little too much like a lesser version of The Riddler as a villainous adversary. "Jason Elliot,

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