The Cat and the Claw

  Catwoman and Batman join forces to foil Red Claw.
  Original Airdate: September 5 & 12, 1992
  Episode # 13, #16
  Rating: * *

Credits Cast

Story by Sean Derek & Lauren Bright
Teleplay by Jules Dennis & Richard Mueller
Directed by Kevin Altieri (I) & Dick Sebast (II)
Music by Shirley Walker, Harvey Cohen
      & Wayne Coster (I) & Harvey Cohen (II)
Animation by Sunrise (I) & Akom (II)

Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as Alfred
Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon
Adrienne Barbeau as Catwoman
Kate Mulgrew as Red Claw
Herb Edelman as Stern

Mary McDonald Lewis as Maven
Additional Voices:
      Steve McGowan
      Neil Ross
      Frank Welker

Two stories here intertwine. The first describes the initial encounters between Batman and Catwoman; the second features them joining to fight the terrorist Red Claw. Neither story is very interesting by itself; nor is there point or counterpoint when they are combined.

Production Notes
Bruce Timm on the climax: "The whole end sequence was geared around the explosions, and they were some of the worst you'll ever see. We retook all of them two or three times. They were still awful, but we ran out of time and had to air them."

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What Others Are Saying ...
"This episode was good, but it should have ended as a one parter, or just lost the terrorism / animal reserve aspect and kept to Batman and Catwoman toying with each other on jewel heists. "World's Finest

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