Time Out of Joint

  The Clock King steals a device that lets him change the flow of time.
  Original Airdate: October 8, 1994
  Episode # 73
  Rating: * * *

Credits Cast

Story by Alan Burnett
Teleplay by Steve Perry
Directed by Dan Riba
Music by Carl Johnson
Animation by Dong Yang

Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne
Loren Lester as Dick Grayson
Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon
Lloyd Bochner as Mayor Hill

Alan Rachins as Temple Fugate
Roscoe Lee Browne as Dr. Wataki
Tress MacNeille as Woman
Alan Oppenheimer as Auctioneer

Having no special powers, Fugate had to try harder in "The Clock King," and his efforts were more interesting than the actual plot. Here, the reverse is true. Having a device that can slow down time lets Fugate gloat and prance when he needn't, and that atypical carelessness trips him up. But although Fugate is less compelling than before, the effects are dazzling. Intact, too, is Fugate's wicked attitude: "Going to be a nasty fall, dearie!" he sneers at a woman in mid-tumble

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What Others Are Saying ...
"... a great job of taking a one-time villain and making him useful again."World's Finest

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