Essays Index

  1. The Art of Paul Dini
  2. Killing the Joker
  3. Batman's End
  4. Black Widows and Widowers
  5. Batman: Witness
  6. And She's Not Even a Real Blonde!
  7. Nuts
  8. Who's Kitten Whom?
  9. A Desert Island Batman
  10. Snow Job
  11. Don't Mock the Turtle
  12. The Definitive Batman (Review of BTAS: Vol. 1)
  13. Modern Master Tells All! (Review of Modern Masters, Vol. 3: Bruce Timm)
  14. Doing Justice to the Justice League (Review of Justice League: "Secret Origins")
  15. Teen Titans, GO! (Review of Teen Titans: "Final Exam," "Sisters")
  16. Starcrossed (Review of Justice League: "Starcrossed")
  17. Brutality Was Never This Beautiful (Review of Justice League Unlimited: "The Cat and the Canary")
  18. The Ultimate Fanfic (Review of Justice League Unlimited: Saving the World)
  19. Batgirl, Robin and Ra's, Oh My! (Review of BTAS: Vol. 3)
  20. Story Analysis: Day of the Samurai
  21. The Old Maid: A Farewell Tribute to TNBSA
  22. The Old Maid: Wertham's Ghost