Batman in various heroic (and nonheroic) poses. Click on selected thumbnails for a larger image. Comments probably sound snarkier than they are meant to be.

Batman, in the final shot of "Heart of Ice." That's a remarkable drawing of the moon he's standing against. Perhaps too remarkable, since it distracts somewhat from Batman himself.

  Batman's dapper alter ego. The BTAS Bruce Wayne was never really a convincing "playboy," possibly because no one ever looked sexy in a brown suit. From "Pretty Poison."   Okay, this is a lot "sexier," but it's also a little creepy, given that he's standing over the graves of his parents while looking very Eurotrashy. The final scene from "Nothing to Fear."

"I said I wanted the T-rex in that corner of the Batcave!" Actually, he's shouting "Freeze!" but sometimes these heroic poses look a little funny out of context. From "Heart of Ice."

  Much better, even if he still seems to be commanding the workmen where to move the patio furniture. The first great pose from "On Leather Wings."

  But sometimes it just doesn't work. Case in point above, where it looks like his cape is attacking him from behind. From "The Last Laugh."
This shot, on the other hand, is excellent on so many levels. Too bad it's stuck in the middle of "P.O.V."
  A highly uncharacteristic pose, from the close of "The Last Laugh." Seems closer to The Spirit than to the Batman we're used to seeing.

  The climactic gag to "Christmas with the Joker." Viewers might feel that the episode has done much the same to them.

Wouldja look at that? Eight years later, for the direct-to-video Return of the Joker, the studio had the producers take out scenes that weren't even this bloody. From "On Leather Wings."

  Batman suffering doubts during "Nothing to Fear." The scene itself sucks, but this pose is quite affecting.   A more confident-looking Batman, out of costume in the Batcave. From "The Underdwellers."
Another very confident-looking pose, this time from "Mudslide." Is it Batman or Bruce Wayne in this picture? Interesting question. He's in his office, but he's investigating a case...

  Undercover as a security guard at Ferris Boyle's Gothcorp. Check out the trained caterpillars.  

More than once "Perchance to Dream" momentarily channels Ren and Stimpy, Check out this uncharacteristically wall-eyed look Bruce gets after seeing his dead parents.



(Roll over for meretricious comparison.)


There's something very disarming about the way Bruce almost falls for the old "nose flick" gag.

  One of the most stylish appearances Batman ever put in. The "reveal" in "Almost Got 'Im."

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