Cityscapes and Props

An image collection of Gotham cityscapes and locations, vehicles and props. Click on each thumbnail to get a larger image.

Gotham City (Nothing to Fear)
Gotham street (The Last Laugh)
Gotham skyscrapers (Pretty Poison)
Gotham skyscrapers (Pretty Poison)
Gotham at night (On Leather Wings)
Gotham street (P.O.V.)
Gotham street (The Underdwellers)
Gotham street (Zatanna)
Gotham City (Harley & Ivy)
Gotham City (The Underdwellers)
Gotham City (Fire from Olympus)
Christmas (Christmas with the Joker)
Bridge (Mad as a Hatter)
Railroad bridge (Christmas with the Joker)
Gotham sewers (The Underdwellers)
Hospital (Pretty Poison)
Police Headquarters (Pretty Poison)
Storybookland (Mad as a Hatter)
Rose Cafe (Pretty Poison)
Beret Rouge Club (Mad as a Hatter)
Gothcorp. headquarters (Heart of Ice)
Prison (Pretty Poison)
Maxie Zeus's Penthouse (Fire from Olympus)
Olympus Building (Fire from Olympus)
Crane Labs (Nothing to Fear)
Laffco Toys (Christmas with the Joker)
Dockside warehouse (P.O.V.)
Observatory (Christmas with the Joker)
Waste plant (The Last Laugh)
Peregrinators Club (Harley & Ivy)
Montague Kane's House (Zatanna)
Penthouse (The Terrible Trio)
Cathedral detail (Perchance to Dream)
Skyscraper detail. (Nothing to Fear)
Snow shack (The Terrible Trio)
Arkham Asylum (Heart of Ice)
Arkham Asylum (Christmas with the Joker)
Wayne Manor (The Terrible Trio)
Wayne Manor (Christmas with the Joker)

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