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A collection of miscellaneous images. The first three cards lead to sub-galleries containing special sets of images. The others are images too random to be placed inside an episode gallery but having their own charm and interest. Click on each thumbnail to see a larger image.

Continuity isn't a major factor in BTAS, but there are some hidden connections and references. The above newspaper sheet slides by rapidly during an archive search in "Heart of Ice." Roll the cursor over the image to see the parallel headline in "Pretty Poison."


This is either an in-joke or some kind of continuity error. The guy who killed Robin's parents, and the guy who "killed Batman" share the same alias: Sid the Squid.

Fanboys, fire up your continuity-preserving ingenuity machines ...

  From "Beware the Gray Ghost." Producer Bruce Timm's face and voice were used for the insane fanboy who's the villain of the story.
One of the two "reversed" Bat-insignias from "Heart of Ice." Bruce Timm says he left this mistake uncorrected as a sort of "homage" to the similar mistake that Filmation used to make in their Batman series.

Can Rupert Thorne fly? To view the previous cel and see the solution, roll the cursor over the image. Of course, this just raises a further mystery. Can Batman teleport or make himself invisible? It would explain a lot ...
From "P.O.V." This is the kind of picture that makes no sense out of context. Which is why I can't resist adding it. Click here to get something like an explanation.
In "Joker's Favor" the Joker gets Charlie Collins' middle name (Michael) off his driver's license. But what does a closer look at Chalie's license show? Roll the cursor over the image to see.   An inside joke in "Joker's Favor." Dini came to BTAS from Tiny Toons.   Whose picture is that hanging on Commissioner Barbara Gordon's wall? You probably don't have to click on the thumbnail to guess ...

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